Retouching That Keeps It Real.

Over more than two decades as a creative retoucher, I've had one goal. That you never know I was there.

Originally with airbrushes, and now with computers, my job is to faithfully recreate the reality the designer, art director, photographer and final client envisioned. No matter how talented the shooter and how costly the optics, what the camera captures is not always what was intended to be seen. That's where I come in:

… combining multiple images
… erasing marks and creases
… correcting backgrounds to match
… enhancing facial features
… reshaping bodies
… removing glare
… restoring missing areas
… or adding something in minutes that might take a photographer hours

Speaking of which, I love working directly with the creative team in studio. helping them plan for that little extra touch that pushes a shot over the top. For many years, I worked directly in studio on high-end food shoots where collaboration was the norm and I could be fully immersed into the project. You can trust that I'll do my best to make your work shine while making my work invisible.

To make things easier still, you'll be working directly with me all along the way. So no details get forgotten and nothing gets lost in translation. Plus, I'm pleased to be as large or small a part of your project as you like — contributing my experience all the way through completion, or handing off files to your creative team.

As you're browsing my before-and-after examples, remember that I'm happy to explain how I achieved any effect you see. Just call me at 847-224-9972.